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5 Life Lessons I Learned Being 22

Hey there Curvy Girls,

So today is my birthday!!! In honor of turning 23, I decided to share a few life lessons I learned while being 22.This year was such a big year for me and family and I was so blessed by everything God did for me. I would have never changed any of my experiences and lessons because they all taught me more about myself and pushed me to do better.

Below are some of the essential life lessons I learned this year. These lessons are gonna be key to a successful new year and I know I will be sticking them as I grow and mature.




Lesson #1

It is okay to fail. It's actually expected to be honest. Being a young adult does not mean that I need to be perfect and have all my stuff together. Failure is apart of my growth.

Lesson #2

Smile and laugh often. They say laughter is good for the soul but I would say it is good for your mind as well. In the darkest times, laughing with my loved ones got me through.

Lesson #3

Unsubscribe yourself from other bullshit. I'm young and entitled to still be free of overbearing attachments. No person is worth an emotional heartache or headache! Delete the negativity and excess drama out of your life.

Lesson #4

Be selfish. It's okay to think about yourself from time to time. Looking out for your well-being is just part of growing up.

Lesson #5

Live life to the fullest! I allowed things to hold me back alot this year in many areas of my life. For 23, I am determined to live my truth no matter what people say or do. I am determined to FLOURISH and BLOOM by walking in my God given destiny.


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