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All About My Hair

Hey there Curvy girls!

Today's post is all about my hair and how it is done. I am always getting question about my weave and how I maintain it, so this post is for all the curious ladies out there.

Before I dive in about the specifics about my hair regimen and the video above, here a few facts about my hair.

  1. I have been rocking my natural hair for about two years now but often wear weaves rather than wearing my curls out. This is just a personal preference because I am way too lazy to deal with my hair most mornings.

  2. When buying hair, I prefer bundled hair over beauty supply hair. This option allows me to get my money's worth because I re-use the hair for other things like clip ins, wigs, and reinstall them into new styles.

  3. I typically change my weaves every two months and wash them every week with shampoo (once) and co - wash it twice every week. This routine keeps the hair clean and oil free without damaging the texture or pattern of the hair.

  4. As you can see in the video, I use braiding hair and a net before sewing the hair in. This helps keep the hair flat after my weekly washes and also takes some strain off my own hair underneath.

The stylist in the video is my friend Simone Sharice, a Youtuber, who has been doing my hair for the past nine years. You can follow her channel here to see more beauty and hair tutorials.

The hair in the video is from Kendra's Hair Boutique and the sweater is from Lane Bryant (it is no longer sold).

Hair Regimen and Weave Essentials

Like I mentioned above, co - washing my hair twice a week is essential to keeping the hair and the texture looking fresh. For my leave out, I typically blow it out rather than flat iron it, then add a drop of argon or coconut oil for a little shine. At night I wrap it (if the hair is straight) or twist it (if the hair is curly), then place my hair in a silk bonnet and tie down my edges with a silk scarf.

My go to weave essentials are:

  1. A wide tooth comb or paddle brush - perfect for detangling any knots.

  2. Edge control or gel - this necessary for slick and slayed edges.

  3. Edge brush and tail comb - these two items help ensure my edges are flat and my part is straight.

  4. Shea Moisture Jamaican Castor Oil and Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner - I use this shampoo because it sulfate free and smells amazing! I also use Organix conditioner as well.

  5. Creame of Nature Leave - in- Conditioner - this conditioner also helps any heat damage my leave out may have from the blow outs and also helps minimize frizz with curly hair

  6. Silk Bonnet and scarf - no weave wearing woman should ever be without a silk bonnet, it protects your hair at night and also minimizes frizz caused during the night. The scarf helps keep your edges laid and ready for the next day.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video and a look at my regimen/tips!




Video is owned by Simone Sharice. There are no affiliated links in this post.


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