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Meet Brittany

Welcome to The Essence of A Curvy Girl blog!​

My name is Brittany Fuller, author and creator of The Essence of A Curvy Girl blog.


This blog was started out of my passion to empower, inspire, and celebrate the beauty and essence of women everywhere, especially Curvy girls.

While I will focus heavily on plus size fashion and the lifestyle I lead, I will have beauty tips, lifestyle advice, and empowerment messages for women of all shapes and sizes.


My goal is to inspire readers to embrace their essence and love who they are inside and out.I also want to share my journey of self discovery, self realization, and self love while navigating through life as a Curvy girl.

Hope you enjoy!


Brittany F.


This is a personal blog owned and created by Brittany Fuller. All content, ideas, and thoughts are the sole property of Brittany Fuller, owner of The Essence of A Curvy Girl. Unless stated, Brittany is the legal copyright holder of all content found on this blog and credit must be given to the website if information is used. My opinions and views  are and will always be my own. For any inquiries, collaborations, or partnerships, please email me.

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