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Easter Fashion 2016

Hey there Curvy Girls!

When people think of the Easter season there are a few things that come to mind. The celebration of Jesus Christ's death, burial, and resurrection by Christians all over the world and also the message of absolute love the story brings is one reason (My reason). Another is the Easter Bunny, quality family time/bonding and the fun that comes with making baskets for children. And last but not least (especially for retailers) is fashion and clothing sales.

As a Christian, finding appropriate "church" fashion has always been part of my life since I can remember. My mother and grandmother always took the pleasure in treating me like a doll , finding the fluffiest and cutest dresses for me to wear. Easter has always been a time where I pulled out my absolute "Sunday Best" and a time to be a bit more playful in my outfit choices. This Easter Sunday was no different and I decided I wanted not only color but motion in my outfit.

Now it may sound crazy putting thought into an outfit but Easter fashion is no joke in many churches. Women bring out bold colors, sparkly heels and elaborate hats ( I'm talking Madd Hatter hats! Like really elaborate). Men wear their finest suits and children of all ages shine in outfits that range from elaborate and bold to simply adorable.Choosing my outfit this year was not hard or as difficult as I anticipated because I had a fabulous dress hanging in my closet! That's right I repeated an outfit instead of buying a new one and I am so glad I did.

My dress was from Modcloth, an online clothing company that has fun and flirty outfit for women of all sizes. They tend to have lots of vintage shaped pieces, like my dress, and also bold colors and funky patterns as well. My blazer was from Dressbarn and my shoes are from Steve Madden.

This outfit was so much fun and exactly what I envisioned plus it was super comfortable and did not wrinkle after a long service. I felt flirty, confident and just blessed.The dress was strapless but came with removable straps and the blazer just made the pastels in the pattern pop just right. Everything about this outfit made me feel great.

A major idea I have learned to embrace is to not only dress for my body type/shape but also dress with a positive state of mind. Clothes are just another way to express how we feel and also a way for us to express individuality to those around us. The feeling and emotions I was feeling when I picked this outfit was simply put happiness. I was happy and grateful for life and appreciative of what Christ had done for me by dying and purchasing my salvation. This dress screamed glee, spring and life and really all emotions that sum up to happiness.

Dressing and finding pieces that can express my emotions is a new way I am learning to express myself and show self love. I continue to strive everyday to embrace my essence and also show the world who I really am. I enjoyed my Easter outfit and hope you do too.

Below are some pictures I took to give you a better look.



Dress: Modcloth


Shoes:Steve Madden


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