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I Woke Up In Paris on My 25th Birthday

Bonjour from Paris, Ma belles personnel, 

C'est mon 25ème Anniversaire! 

It's my 25th birthday and I woke up in Paris. 

As I start my day, I can't help but be retrospective and grateful for life, my dreams, and even my mistakes. It's always been a dream of mine to visit Paris and to do so for my birthday. And guys I've finally done it!

This past year has been the definition of a rollercoaster for me. I've worked at a New York landmark and one of the most iconic newspapers in history right before it's unfortunate closing (The Village Voice). I’ve hit career goals and milestones. I've been fired from a job that taught me “go where you are valued and celebrated”, not treated as another body for a big machine.

I've learned what true failure looked like. I've learned what success felt like.

I learned that my talents are worth celebrating and that you should always work where your passions can flourish. I’ve been depressed. I’ve been stressed. I’ve felt elation and the power that comes from self-elevation.

I’ve dated a few frogs and have found a few potential princes(more to come on that later).

I’ve prayed and fasted because sometimes down on my knees tarrying with God was the only way to connect to Him.

I’ve lost my faith in myself, in the things around me and sometimes in the plan that God has for me.

I’ve lived and laughed with friends and family. I've experienced true, genuine and authentic friendships and relationships with amazing souls.

I’ve felt soul-crushing moments and have had moments where protecting my soul and spirit was an act of survival.

I’ve remembered that I am a survivor. I’ve remembered that delayed is not denied. I've remembered that dreams do come true!

I’ve remembered my passions and drive. All in all, I made it through some dark dark valleys and I’ve climbed some monstrous hills. I’m living a dream and know I will continue to succeed.

Every year I declare something new over my life, and for this year, it's no different. I declare not only growth in every area of my life but peace and stability. I declare new heights and deeper depths. I declare new testimonies and stories. I declare greatness for Brittany Tiffany!

So here's to dreams, accomplishments, failure, survival and the pursuit of happiness.

Happy birthday to me! 

Avec Amour, 



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