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Fashion Essentials - Bras

Hey there Curvy Girls,

Self expression can be conveyed through the things we wear, things we do and how we express ourself. Fashion and style are two very important ways that I express and present myself to the world.

With any outfit , I have some key essentials that make or break my wardrobe. These pieces are essential when it comes to what I wear and how my body is supported within the garment.

Here is one my Fashion Essentials that I cannot live without. (Seriously I am lost without it!)

A Bra!

Every girl has that one bra that turns her outfit from okay to VaVa Voom. Having a bra is a rite of passage as a woman and as our bodies change and grow, so does our bra.Finding your first bra is one experience every girl can remember and began a process of growing into your womanhood. From that experience until now finding that one bra that fits your adult needs is just as hard and adventurous as finding your first training bra.

My first bra was bought with my mother and being a larger girl I skipped my way from a training bra to "real" bra very quickly. My first bra taught me a confidence in my womanhood and made me feel great! I can clearly remember the excitement of my first bra and how it made feel when wearing it. I felt grown and very cute because I was now enhancing this God given assets.

That very feeling and thought process applies to the bras I wear today. When my girls look good I feel like a goddess ! A good bra is every girls best friend and crucial for women with larger breast.

When looking for a good bra , I look for one that makes me feel confident and sexy but is still practical for my large bust size. I wear a 46 DDD (sometimes E ) depending on the type of bra. At 21, I want both support and sex appeal , which is hard for women with a large chest. I typically buy my bras from Lane Bryant or Ashely Stewart, who both cater to my need to feel sexy and confident but give me the lift and support my breast need. The perfect bra is one with the least accidents.

Here are some key essentials I look for in a good bra:

  1. Support

  2. Fit

  3. Comfort

  4. Versatility

  5. Longevity

My favorite bra, which meets all my criteria of a good bra, is the Smooth Plunge Bra from Lane Bryant. This bra provides me with amazing support yet makes me feel like the young, sexy, confident women I am. A major plus for this bra is the comfort I feel in it. I sleep with it on, wear it with almost any outfit and I can count on it not to dig into my back or shoulders.

Knowing that I have complete support of my assets, allows me to wear any outfit confidently and not focus on my breast too much. The freedom to wear what I want and still have support is a plus in this fashion essential.

A few other bras I use are:

The Butterfly Bra by Ashley Stewart - This is a special bra because it gives both lower and upper back support while dealing with my love handles. With the double-back wrap panels , this bra provides the ultimate support and gives a lift while smoothing any back bulges.

LIVI ACTIVE's maximum support sport bra - This is the high impact sports bra I use at the gym and for any physical activity! A high impact bra is essential for a lady with a larger bust because it is very secure and can handle any if not all activities you may try. I hate to run on the treadmill and with a large chest some activities hurt my breast. This bra puts a stop to all of the hurt and keeps me tucked in and supported. I also received this bra from Lane Bryant.

Cacique's Cotton Demi bra is another bra that provides great support and is a bit more laid back. I typically wear this bra as a back up or also while I swim. This bra is very comfortable for everyday wear and great under casual clothing pieces.

Lane Bryant's Multi Way Bra is the answer to your strapless dress issues! This multi way bra is exactly what you need when your outfit calls for support and no visible bra lines/ straps. I wear this bra when I have a dress or blouse that needs or calls for strap removal or moving the straps into a new position. I find this bra is good and useful for formal wear and also really dressy options.

Here are two other everyday options that I also love:




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