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It's A 90's Kinda World

Hey there Curvy Girls,

So yesterday, I attended a 90's versus 2000's themed boat ride with my cousins and it was a blast! Of course I had to represent for the 90's, since I'm a 90's baby and some of my favorite music and tv shows come from that decade. In true 90's fashion, I went with a windbreaker, a crop top/ sports bra, shorts, boots, and of course some loud gold doorknockers (earrings).

90's Fashion like most trends are making a comeback, so piecing together this outfit was easy and simple. Of course my makeup was also done to fit the style of the era as well, minus the thin eyebrows. My makeup artist, photographer, and best friend hooked me up with lined lips, some dark eyeliner, gold shimmery eyeshadow, and of course a popping highlight. I have listed all the outfit details below and hope you enjoy my nod to the 90's!




Outfit Details

Jacket: Ragstock *All Vintage Jackets are one of a kind so no item is the same*

Crop Top/ Sports Bra: Torrid Active Zip Up Sports Bra - $38.90

Shorts: Lane Bryant Everyday Shorts - $39.95

Combat Boots: Torrid (Sold Out)

Accessories: Necklace - Aldo (Sold Out)

Sunglasses - Amazon (Any pair of Aviators will do)

Earrings - Beauty Supply Store


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