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My Visit to The Wendy Williams Show

How You Doing Curvy Girls?!

So I went to the Wendy Williams Show and had an amazing time with my girls, the audience, crew, and of course Aunt Wendy! Everything from the weather, to the staff, to the positive vibes in the air made my visit so much fun and memorable. I sipped tea during Hot Topics, partied like a Party Animal with Charly Black, finally got to see Courtney B Vance in person and so much!

So many exciting things went on during our time at the show, including Wendy complementing my outfit, being asked to be on the 'Ask Wendy' segment ( which sadly didn't happen due to time), and being asked to dance in the mosh pit by the featured Jamaican Dancehall artist, Charly Black.

Check out the episode below and see if you can spot me!

Video: Wendy Williams Show


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