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Swim: Sexy, Confident & Curvy

Hey there Curvy Girls,

So it is officially summer and that means swimsuit season! For many plus size or curvy women, this time of year gives many of us a sense dread or brings up our body insecurities. Growing up curvy, I noticed that body shaming and unwanted criticism was at an all time high during the summer and it made me feel ugly and simply unattractive. Overtime, I had to block out the noise and just LIVE my truth while loving the skin I was in. I grew weary and tired of covering up my arms with sweaters and wearing unflattering swimsuits every single summer to hid my body, so I made a change.

I changed how I saw myself and how I treated myself. I had to become positive in order to reflect and project the confidence I know exhibit. I also took back the power from all the fat shamers who said my swim body was offensive and ugly. Beauty is not only looking good, it is also feeling good and being confident! Remember that you have the power over your image and how you feel, and no one has the right to make you feel less than amazing. Dressing for the beach or the pool this summer will not be a hassle if you have confidence. Confidence in your swim body is just as important as the actual swimsuit.

I used to struggle with my swim body and always hid behind tent - like bathing suits that were not flattering for my figure. After I gained a little self - confidence in myself, I found that the stares and even some nasty comments didn't affect me as much anymore.I truly believed that I was damn fine and just as sexy as any other woman in a swimsuit and it shows! My tip and advice to you is to be comfortable in your own skin and wear what makes you feel beautiful!




Bottom - Ava & Viv High Waist Swim Bottom

Towel - Victoria's Secret (Towels change every season)


SunHat: Necessary Clothing


Swimsuit: GabiFresh The Duchess D/DD Underwire Bikini (Sold Out)- Similar


Swimsuit: Top - H&M+ Draped Bandeau Bikini Top

Bottoms - Ava & Viv High Waist Swim Bottom


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