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Vamping In Atlantic City

Hey there Curvy Girls,

This Memorial Day weekend, I took a little girls trip with my group of best friends, and let's just say it was a blast! We did everything from shopping, to eating divine food, gambling, and of course enjoyed the nightlife there. I am not a bigger club or party goer but when I do, I tend to step out of my comfort zone with my outfit choice.

My clubwear for AC was no different, and let me tell you I stepped all the way out! Im use to wearing flirty, softer, chic clothing options but took a complete left turn in AC. Wearing a sheer/mesh shirt, choker necklace, and black pencil skirt, I went vamping in the clubs of AC. This outfit made me feel, of course sexy, but also made me feel powerful for stepping outside of my comfort zone. I highly recommend that once in a while people take styling risk. Take a chance on something you would never wear, play with colors, patterns, textures, and even styles/trends.






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